05 October 2011

Yetties "World of the Yetties" 1975 LP Compilation

The Yetties were a group who put out several LPs of English traditional songs with a strong focus on the County of Dorset. This LP is a collation of their more popular hits and also includes some well-known shanties. This LP was also postedsome years ago on Time has Told Me. It is a good clean rip and great listening. One track, "The King of the Fairies", was originally of a very low volume compared to other tracks. This was obviously intentional but it really was too low. Because of this, an amplified version is also included to match the other tracks. The LP artwork, front and rear is included in the download.

Track List
01. Out in the Green Fields
02. The Nightingale
03. McCann's Jig~The Lilting Fisherman~Drowsy Maggie
04. The Lark in the Morning
05. Spanish Ladies
06. Dancing on the Green (Rigs o'Marlow~cuckoo's Nest)
07. Can't You Dance the Polka
08. Lamorna
09. The King of the Fairies
10. South Australia
11. The Mallard
12. The Banks of Newfoundland
13. Dorset Four-hand Reel
14. Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl

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