07 October 2011

Burl Ives "Wayfaring Stranger" LP 1970's

Burl Ives was a prolific collector and performer of folk songs from around the world with his professional career preceding the Second World War.
He was often labelled as the "Wayfaring Stranger" as it was his favourite theme and varied releases have been made under this title.
This LP titled "Wayfaring Stranger" issued in Australia sometime in the 1970s by Music for Pleasure was a re-release of the 1960 Hallmark HM514 LP "Return of the Wayfaring Stranger". (I think Hallmark was part-owner of Music for Pleasure).

It is not currently available. Most of the content is American traditional and the track list is:-

A1 John Henry
A2 Billy The Kid
A3 Mah Lindy Lou
A4 Mule Train
A5 The Worried Man Blues
B1 Greer County Bachelor
B2 Lilly Munroe
B3 Old Blue /Ballanderie
B4 Lord Randall
B5 Riders In The Sky
B6 Poor Wayfaring Stranger /Woolie Boogie Bee

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