23 November 2009

Roger Wagner Chorale "Sea Chanteys"

Everytime I see the 50s and 60s "greatest hits" compilation CDs I tend to check just how many folk songs appear on them.  From this, one might presume that there was never a popular folk revival which inspired many mainstream performers to contribute to the popularity of both traditional and contemporary folk music.  One of that group of participants was choral groups such as the Johnny Mann Singers, The Roger Wagner Chorale and The King's Singers who each put out albums featuring traditional folk music.
The Roger Wagner Chorale was first formed in the late forties by the French-American Roger Francis Wagner and continued for many years.  Their LP output included at least four folk music albums including Songs of the Frontier 1 and 2, Songs of Old World and Songs of the New World and this collection of songs of the sea.
Of course, the performances are more classical than traditional but they have beautifully re-arranged and performed these sailor worksongs with dignity and I'll bet most of you will end up singing along with the tracks.  Those tracks include Erie Canal, Fifteen Men on a dead man's chest, Boston come all ye, Rio Grande, A'Roving, Golden Vanity, Drunken Sailor, Shenandoah, Lowlands, Early in the Morning, Haul Away Joe, Leave Her Johnny, Sailing Sailing, and Tom's gone to Hilo.  I think it was produced in the early 60's.
(Incidentally, this is an original rip at a genuine192-224 VBR)

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