19 November 2009

Pernell Roberts "Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies" LP 1963 (CD re-issue)

Pernall Roberts is best known for being one of the lead performers in the 1960's American TV series Bonanza and later as the main character in Trapper John M.D.
Although successful as an actor, in 1963, he put out this LP featuring  twelve mainly folk songs to which he does great credit.  In particular, I have always been impressed by his performance of the title track.  The album features good quality backing which nicely supplements his vocal performance.  Tracks include The Bold Soldier, a version of Mary Ann, Lily of the West, Shady Grove, Empty Pocket Blues, Sylvie and the title track Come all Ye Fair and Tender Ladies.

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  1. You mention a CD re-issue in your title - is there one and is it still on the market? I would love to have one. Thanks.

    1. Hello Suzanne,
      That re-issued CD was included on No. 4 of a box set of four CDs put out by Bear Records, Germany in 1993 featuring Bonanza actors. Its title is "Bonanza - Ponderosa Party Time!". You can find copies for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble - ($70 -100 on a quick glance). The set is expensive but far cheaper now than previously. Be careful, because the same title is used for 1xCD and 2xCD offerings. You can see the tracks on the four CD set and other details at http://www.discogs.com/TVs-Original-Cast-Bonanza-Ponderosa-Party-Time/release/2536611. Frankly, I would not be able to cope with that many tracks from Lorne Green.