13 January 2012

Fureys & Davey Arthur"Banshee" - New Rip

I recently received a complaint about the then current posting of the Fureys & Davey Arthur 1978 LP "Banshee" - poor sound quality and requesting a "clean-up".  I checked and the complaint was very valid.  This was one of my very early rips from many years ago and rather than not being "cleaned up" had been badly "over-cooked" and I'm somewhat shocked that I'd posted it in that state. Please forgive me! Anyway, I have revisited the LP and I have now posted a far better rip with only a few minor problems. And, many thanks to the downloader who brought the problem to my notice.

The new rip is now available from the original posting (Click here to go to it)

And please do not hesitate to tell me if you perceive a problem with any of the files.

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