29 January 2011

Harry Belfonte "Belafonte on Campus" LP 1967

Harry Belafonte's three folk albums have been largely forgotten with the exception of "Ballads, Blues and Boasters" which was belatedly released on CD in about 2007.

This album contains a mix of traditional and modern folk music as you will see from the track list.

But do not expect a real "folky" sound - these are "professional" studio tracks with full choral and orchestral backing to provide some very lovely music.  "The Hands I Love" is, IMHO, brilliant.

Graphics are included.
1 Roll on Buddy
2 The Hands I Love (Gordon Lightfoot's "Song for a Winter's Night")
3 The Last Thing on my Mind
4 Delia
5 Far Side of the Hill
6 Waly Waly
7 Sail away Ladies
8 First Time Ever I saw your Face
9 Hold on to me, Babe
10 Those Three are on my Mind
11 Dog Song (Your Dog)

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  1. Thank you so much for this download! I remember seeing Harry sing this song on the Smother's Brothers show and couldn't stop watching it over and over. This has completely changed my view of Harry's ability to put so much feeling and emotion into a song!