27 February 2010

Broonzy and Seeger 1956 concert issued on LP in 1965

This LP was produced in 1965 on the Verve Folkways label (not to be confused with the Folkways label which eventually forced Verve Records to drop the word "Folkways" from their name) using a recording of the 1956 concert.
I understand that only selected portions of the concert appear on the LP possibly due to poor recordings of other parts. The LP lists 11 tracks but there is a twelfth (spoken) track featuring Seeger suggesting that
everyone can have a five-minute Zup party. The tracks are Broonzy and Seeger both singing "Midnight Special"; Broonzy performing "Backwater Blues", This Train is Bound for Glory", "Crawdad Hole", "The Glory of Love", "Willie Mae", "Why Don't You come Home, Bill Bailey" and "Alberta"; and Seeger sings "Green Corn", "Mrs McGrath", and plays two instrumentals - "Hillel Instrumental" (tootin' cane), and the lengthy, but very entertaining, "Goofin' Off Suite". Graphics of the LP cover and the rear are included in the download.

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